CCNA in 60 Days – maybe not…

CCNA in 60 Days – maybe not…

Now that I’ve picked up a Microsoft cert using a desktop technology, I am moving to learn more about networking to continue building a strong knowledge base.

I originally intended to begin my CCNA studies using the CCNA in 60 days method (buy the book here). However, I do not like to rush myself to learn a technology, or concept; I’m learning, not cramming to pass. There’s a big difference to me.

So, while I’ll be reading it to supplement my studies, I’ll only be using it as such.

I’ve purchased the Udemy class Cisco CCNA (200-120): The Complete Course by Lazaro Diaz because I’ve read a lot of positive reviews online about his demeanor and style. I’ve reviewed the free “preview” videos and I have to agree with those reviews. If anything, he’ll be entertaining with the subject material. I’m not sure if they will be enough or if I’ll buy any additional training videos. If I do, I’ll probably buy the CCNA 2015 200-120 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant.

I also have the following study aids:

I picked up a Dell PowerEdge T20 Server a few months when I first started my certification studies, then over the last couple of months (in anticipation of the CCNA) I added a Cisco 2612 Router, 3 Cisco 2811 Routers, and 2 Cisco 2950 Switches. I’ll update more on my home lab later.




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