Update: CCNA R&S Studies #2

Update: CCNA R&S Studies #2

Nibble, nibble, that’s all I can do. While I do not find the CCNA studies hard, I find I must nibble on networking technology a little at a time to better digest. SO, I’ll be going slow with this and only studying it lightly.

In the meantime, I’m going to be studying MTA: 98-365 Microsoft Windows Server Administration Essentials to get it completed. This will allow me to move to the areas I find exciting; MCSA and then onto MCSE: Private Cloud. While I do not back down from a challenge, I realize the gains from studying something I’m enthusiastic about will be larger than those from studying an area I’m less than. As a former supervisor pointed out, I like my desserts and nibble at the main course on my plate.

I’ll be posting more.


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  1. I’m right there with you bud. I had planned to take ICND2 in the middle of this month, but I feel I need to slow down after ICND1. The first half seemed to be a lot of “memorize this” while the second appears to have a lot more critical thinking. I’ve taken quite a few detours into my Sec+ books in the last few weeks just to take a break and decompress.

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