Microsoft Certification Booster Pack

Microsoft Certification Booster Pack


Microsoft  has released a new certification offer called Booster Packs.

Getting certified can give your career a boost—and now you can give yourself a little extra chance for success. A Booster Pack gives you more options and better odds at your Microsoft Certification exam: from practice tests to retake opportunities, you choose what you need to help you succeed. The Booster Pack offers are available for purchase through August 31, 2016.

Certification exam + 4 retakes

Sometimes it’s smart to add a little insurance to important undertakings. With 4 retakes you’ll get plenty of chances at success.

Microsoft Booster Pack: Certification exam + 4 retakes

Interesting, I guess the Booster Pack is the replacement for the free “second-shot” offer they were running until January. I’d almost feel disappointed if I paid extra for the retakes and then passed first time.

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