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Registered Servers vs Central Management Servers

The article Registered Servers vs Central Management Servers lays out the differences in a straightforward manner. Registered Servers Connection data is stored locally in an XML file (passwords are encrypted) in the user path. Because it is a local file with encrypted data, Registered Servers are local and only work for the user that created them. Can be used with SQL Server Authentication or Windows Authentication. Can be used for the database engine, SSAS, SSIS and SSRS. Central Management Servers Connection data is stored in a central SQL Server (in the msdb database), and can be used by other users. Can be… Read More

Swift vs Python in 2020

Python and Swift are two free, open-source tools for iOS app development that are in high demand as the resultant code looks elegant with minimal but comprehensive features. It seems that Swift with 48.2K GitHub stars and 7.71K forks on GitHub have more adoption than Python with 25K GitHub stars and 10.3K GitHub forks. But Python has a broader approval, being mentioned in 2789 company stacks & 3500 developers stacks; compared to Swift, which is listed in 979 company stacks and 526 developer stacks. Swift is relatively newer than Python. Subsequently, Python has a larger community and more followers. Swift vs. Python: Is Swift similar to Python? Feature Comparison Python Swift Definition Python is an object-oriented… Read More

The Swift community is amazing

It’s really good to see that there are still plenty of dedicated people who are keeping up writing about the good and bad parts of iOS / Swift development. Here are the best resources that you should know in 2020. Best iOS / Swift tutorial sites Ray Wenderlich AppCoda Best iOS / Swift blogs Paul Hudson John Sundell Antoine van der Lee Vadim Bulavin Keith Harrison Majid Jabrayilov Bart Jacobs Soroush Khanlou Erica Sadun Andrew Bancroft Best iOS / Swift newsletters iOS Goodies iOS Dev Weekly Swift Developments Indie iOS focus weekly Best iOS / Swift podcasts… Read More

Oracle SQL Developer | Troubleshooting

Seems like the same issue as this one: jtds-driver-not-working-for-sql-sever-2008r2-and-denali-native-sspi-library-not You should drop the appropriate ntlmauth.dll file from the JTDS download package into your JRE bin folder. If you’re running on a 64bit Windows machine: This 32bit DLL:Downloads >>> >>> x86 >>> SSO >>> ntlmauth.dll Goes here in this 32bit JRE location:C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin This 64bit DLL:Downloads >>> >>> x64 >>> SSO >>> ntlmauth.dll Goes here in this 64bit JRE location:C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin If you’re running on a 32bit Windows machine: This 32bit DLL:Downloads >>> >>> x86 >>> SSO >>> ntlmauth.dll Goes here in this 32bit JRE location:C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin If that doesn’t… Read More