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Update: CCNA R&S Studies #2

Nibble, nibble, that’s all I can do. While I do not find the CCNA studies hard, I find I must nibble on networking technology a little at a time to better digest. SO, I’ll be going slow with this and only studying it lightly. In the meantime, I’m going to be studying MTA: 98-365 Microsoft Windows Server Administration Essentials to get it completed. This will allow me to move to the areas I find exciting; MCSA and then onto MCSE: Private Cloud. While I do not back down from a challenge, I realize the gains from studying something I’m enthusiastic… Read More

CCNA in 60 Days – maybe not…

Now that I’ve picked up a Microsoft cert using a desktop technology, I am moving to learn more about networking to continue building a strong knowledge base. I originally intended to begin my CCNA studies using the CCNA in 60 days method (buy the book here). However, I do not like to rush myself to learn a technology, or concept; I’m learning, not cramming to pass. There’s a big difference to me. So, while I’ll be reading it to supplement my studies, I’ll only be using it as such.

Passed: MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration

Feels good to have a Microsoft Cert finally! After the holidays and a little break, I’ve now passed the MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration exam. The exam was a lot more difficult than I expected, with more than a few simulations, multi-part questions with multiple available answers, etc. All in all, this was a real eye-opener for how Microsoft certifies compared to CompTIA. I highly suggest to anyone currently studying for a Microsoft exam to ensure to lab, lab, lab, know the “Microsoft way” to complete tasks where there are multiple options, and to know their software tabs names. Sometimes, I… Read More