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Swift vs Python in 2020

Python and Swift are two free, open-source tools for iOS app development that are in high demand as the resultant code looks elegant with minimal but comprehensive features. It seems that Swift with 48.2K GitHub stars and 7.71K forks on GitHub have more adoption than Python with 25K GitHub stars and 10.3K GitHub forks. But Python has a broader approval, being mentioned in 2789 company stacks & 3500 developers stacks; compared to Swift, which is listed in 979 company stacks and 526 developer stacks. Swift is relatively newer than Python. Subsequently, Python has a larger community and more followers. Swift vs. Python: Is Swift similar to Python? Feature Comparison Python Swift Definition Python is an object-oriented… Read More

Python: Where to Start?

Docs Bookmark these! Python 2 documentation Python 3 documentation Downloadable PDF of some changes Why Python 3? New to Python? …but not to programming in general? Start with Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python The official Python tutorial! (or for python 2) How do I choose between Python 2 or 3? Learn Python2 in Y Minutes Learn Python3 in Y Minutes Learn Python 3 PythonTutor.com uses animated stepping and data structure visualization New to programming? Try one of these online books! Introduction to Python (Python 2 and 3) Automate the Boring Stuff with Python (Python 3) Build applications in Python the anti textbook (Python 3) Introduction to… Read More